Impressive Images On Saobacdau Day 2018

Saobacdau Day 2018 is held on September 20th -22nd, 2018 at the Grand Tourane Hotel, Da Nang with the participation of many invited representatives of agencies and businesses throughout the country. Considered as a scale, professional and technological breakthroughs, SaoBacDau Day 2018 consists of two main parts: technology conference and technology exhibition with the theme “INDUSTRY 4.0 – From Innovation to Evolution

SaoBacDau Day 2018 demonstrates many new IoT application technologies and IT systems; Industry experts and leading IT firms such as: Cisco, IBM, Samsung, Hitachi, DellEMC, VMWare, Citrix ... presentations and solutions to help businesses transform to develop in the digital era.

Look back at the impressive photos on Saobacdau Day 2018 

  • Visiting the unique exhibition area


This year's exhibition hall is designed in a total architectural style with a center of Sao Bac Dau technology house, surrounded by related solutions groups of technology firms.

Participants will experience and interact with real-time IoT application solutions and next-generation IT systems at Sao Bac Dau Technology House such as: Intelligent building management solution; Solar Power Solutions; Solutions to enhance the user experience and infrastructure for the data center; The cloud platform combines large data analysis, or blockchain applications in traceability.


  • Opening Conference "INDUSTRY 4.0 - From Innovation to Evolution"

Opening the festival, Mr. Tran Anh Tuan - General Director Introduction about the transformation of Sao Bac Dau according to the trend of innovation for development in the 4.0 era: Accordingly, SBD has applied technology to enhance the experience of users; digitize company operating procedures; invest in technology solutions; It also connects to build the Sao Bac Dau ecosystem - partners - strong customers.

  • Technology experts of Sao Bac Dau and the technology companies presented
  • "Platform 4.0"

Mr. Nguyen Viet Thang - Deputy General Director of Sao Bac Dau presented "Platform 4.0"

Mr. Vuong Quang Hau - Director of Sao Bac Dau Technology Division shares about "Smart Hospital"

Pho Duc Pho, General Director of Pharos, shared "Smart Education"

Mr. Bui Huy Binh - General Director, Trace Verified Traceability Solutions and Services J.S

  • "Analytic and Assurance for DC 4.0"

Mr. Dang Hong Minh - Cisco consultant presented the presentation "Analytic and Assurance for DC 4.0"

  • "Industry 4.0 - IT Infrastructure"

Mr. Hoang Manh Cuong - Director of SBD Solution presented "Industry 4.0 - IT Infrastructure"


  • "Flash System storage solutions help accelerate your transformation into a cognitive business"

Storage Server Technical Specialist IBM presented the presentation "Flash System storage solutions help accelerate your transformation into a cognitive business

  • Talk-show:

2 sessions of the seminar "Solutions for smart urban" and "Solutions for businesses in the digital era" help businesses to talk directly with technology experts, consulted in depth how to operate and values ​​that businesses can create when applying the solution to the business model

Seminar on "Solutions for Smart Cities" with speakers: Mr. Tran Anh Tuan - CEO of Sao Bac Dau; Mr. Nguyen Viet Thang - Deputy General Director of Sao Bac Dau; Mr. Pho Duc Khoi - General Director of Pharos; Mr. Ung Quoc Bao - Delta representative; Program Coordinator - Mr. Pham Kim Son - Former Director of Information and Communication Department

The gradual transition to sustainable development in the 4.0 era is the goal that Sao Bac Dau and the ecosystem of technology partners look forward to, through in-depth discussions as well as simulated solutions. The exhibition will help businesses to attend Saobacdau Day 2018 to select the appropriate technology solutions, help businesses successfully transition, in line with the development of the world

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