Security Solutions

Security Solutions

If datacenter is the heart of the system, the security solution is the security barrier that protects the heart, protect data, information and business systems safe from unauthorized access from inside and outside the enterprise.

Our solutions: 

1.Two-factors User Authentication solution -  RSA SecurID 
To meet the new requirements of today's network security, RSA has launched an user authentication solution based on two-factor SecurID.

Two-factor Authentication solution from RSA SecurID  works on the principle that in order to log into the system, users must have two elements: what they know and what they have. Same principle when we withdraw money from an ATM, you need to have an ATM card (which I have) and a PIN (which is what we know). Lack of one of these two factors (ATM or PIN), we can not withdraw money. In a system with individual access to the critical and sensitive information such as the leadership, accounting department, the system administrator, ... then use this authentication solution reduces to the minimum the risk of such information being stolen or destroyed down to the lowest level.

RSA SecurID ® solution consists of three components:
  • RSA SecurID® Authenticators
  • RSA Authentication Agent
  • RSA Authentication Manager

2. Email security solution - Iron Port
IronPort has been a provider of solutions of leading anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-spamware for organizations from small to Global. IronPort product line of email security, web security and management SenderBase system used (data provider organizations seeking the greatest threat the world) to analyze the behavior of the corresponding email and web world, thus helping the Iron Port device can resist effective and rapid support in preventing the risk of adverse effects to the operation of the organization.

The model solution
Customers can use IronPort for gateway for outbound and inbound data email.
  • For the way in, when emails are sent from the outside, when the router's public IP, NAT Router here will be according to IronPort IronPort Port 25 to test your Anti Virus or Anti Spam emails have attachments and then transferred to MailServer ..
  • For the way out, when the email is sent from the inside out, the email will go to the previous mail server, mail server will then forward the email to the Iron Port. Iron Port scans to check the mail content or Anti Virus Anti Spam of email attachments before sending out Internet ...

3.  McAfee Host Data Loss Prevention 
Businesses are facing many serious consequences caused by acts causing end users, in which the face of the risk of sensitive data sent is highest. McAfee Host Data Loss Prevention monitoring and prevent the user behavior caused can lead to the loss of sensitive data. The protection is implemented on the network, through the applications and removable storage devices. Administrators have the ability to control all users whether they are at home, work or on the go. Prevent exposure and theft of sensitive data on employees, as well as the hackers to protect your business, avoid financial loss, brand.

Benefits of McAfee host data loss prevention:
  • Restrict data transfer via any channels
  • Comprehensive protection of the organization's infrastructure
  • Automatic protection
  • Centralized management with ePolicy Orchestrator (EPO)
  • Control data transfering
  • Device management in a comprehensive manner
  • Multi-tier Protection
  • Advanced detection mechanisms and enforcement
  • Management focus

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