Sao Bac Dau joins hands with USDC to promote the provision of Huawei New Generation Data Center Solution

Recently, Sao Bac Dau and USDC announced the official handshake to distribute and deploy Huawei New Generation Data Center Solution, approach and deploy in many fields. Finance - Banking is the first field chosen by the parties to exhibit and introduce at the workshop “Digital Transformation Infrastructure”. This is one of the key areas that Sao Bac Dau focuses on promoting in the new financial year strategy.

Mr. Nghiem Sy Thang – Sao Bac Dau’s Deputy General Director of Sales said: Sao Bac Dau and USDC have joined hands to promote the provision of Huawei New Generation Data Center Solution. For technology capacity, deployment experience and reputation in the IT market, above all, the understanding from customers as well as professional processes and global expectations and trends, we shall be a companion to comprehensively deploy solutions for the financial - banking sector.

In the 4th industrial revolution, digital infrastructure plays the backboned role of the digital economy and digital society, directly affecting the result of transformation from the traditional model to the digital model of any enterprise in any sector. Building a digital infrastructure is the most optimal solution for enterprise to overcome the post-pandemic consequence and re-integrate into the digital transformation “race” to make the enterprise more and more developed.

In the field of finance and banking, digital transformation is a form of integrating digitalization and digital technology into all banking activities. At this point, digital banking is to modify or newly create new business processes and customer experiences to deal with changing requirements of the market.

Exhibiting equipment and infrastructure solutions to help attendees easily access and share expectation as deploying data center

In order to start digital transformation route, infrastructure is a particularly-interested in by the organizations. Building up infrastructure is capable of shortening time of customer services; streamlining working process of personnel to help improve the work efficiency; In addition, building up infrastructure also means that information will be digitized, completely stored and synchronized in real time, so that the enterprise can easily access, review and deal with professional tasks.

This is also the main topic discussed at the workshop “Digital transformation infrastructure (in the field of finance - banking) recently taking place at Sao Bac Dau Technologies Corporation,  held in collaboration by Sao Bac Dau and HUAWEI entities with the guests such as CIO, CTO, IT Manager, managers of enterprises and organizations in the field of Finance - Banking. The workshop focused on solutions to turn challenges into advantages in the transition stage from traditional transaction model to 4.0 transaction model in the field of Finance - Banking.

At the workshop, Mr. Vo Huu Thang – Officer in charge of managing Huawei Data Center Facility and Ms. Pham Xuan Quynh – have analyzed current trends and challenges when building up a traditional data center. The ecosystem of Huawei data center products has also shared in this occasion.

Huawei Representative shared about the ecosystem of data center solutions and answered the expectations from the attendees 

In addition, the New Generation Device from HUAWEI - Huawei Data Center Facility Solution also brought special attention to the attendees: Huawei Data Center Facility is a comprehensive stack solution for the data center (full stack data center) at four levels: data center infrastructure, hardware platform, cloud platform, and business applications. Huawei's idea is to gradually transform Works into Product; Product become Modular; Module becomes Smart with artificial intelligence and cloud platform.

In addition, further information about Sao Bac Dau’s VTM (Video Teller Machine) Solution was provided at the workshop: VTM is a combination of self-service and teller service, which is the intersection between the customers’ wish and the bank’s expectation. For VTM, the bank shall completely reduce the number of tellers by 40-50% compared to traditional transaction offices, in parallel, the customer service time increases by 320% (according to actual survey of Kuveyt Bank in Turkey).

SD - WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) solution from USDC: SD - WAN SD - WAN realizes fast connectivity services for data centers, headquarters, branches, and Internet-based clouds. SD - WAN solution brings practical values to enterprise such as: Saving more than 50% of dedicated line costs, fast corporate deployment, diversified approaches, unlimited dedicated transmission line resources.

By the strength of technology capability as well as a 26-year reputation in the IT market, Sao Bac Dau is gradually joining hands with reputable partners to approach and deploy solutions along the vertical axis. Realizing the goal of promoting into 5 key markets in the new financial year are: Digital Government; Digital Bank; Digital Real Estate; Digital Logistics; Digital Enterprise. 

Huawei currently leads the market with more than 830 data centers to have been deployed worldwide, covering sectors from telecommunications to government, finance, transportation, and more. Huawei Data Center Facility is the next-generation low-carbon smart data center, which was launched globally by Huawei at the end of May 2022. For the new solution, Huawei recently won the award of “Data Center of the Year” for the third consecutive year at the DCS Awards 2022.
Sao Bac Dau Technologies Corporation is currently collaborating with USDC to distribute the product line as Huawei New Data Center in Vietnam market.

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